show rules


This Show is conducted under the Rules and Regulations of the QFA Inc

A complete copy of the QFA Inc Rules will be available at the Show for exhibitors’ perusal

1.    Fees must accompany the Entry Form.  Entries not shown MUST be paid for.  No refunds will be made.  Cheques etc MUST be drawn in the favour of the Club or Body conducting the Show.

2.    The Club reserves the right to refuse any entry without stating a reason.

3.    The Club reserves the right to replace contracted judges, or appoint additional judges if required.

4.    All exhibits (except Companions) MUST be registered, and registration number listed on the Entry Form.  All exhibits domiciled in Queensland, MUST be registered with a recognized Queensland Governing Body.  Only the Queensland registration number will be accepted.  (ACF Inc/CCCA Inc recognized throughout Australia).

5.    All exhibits MUST be entered in Show with information (including colour and pattern) as detailed on their registration certificate.  Exhibits must be judged according to this information.  Exhibits CANNOT be reclassified for colour or pattern prior to judging on the day or during judging BUT ONLY AFTER all the judging is completed.  Reclassification may then be made after examination and agreement by three (3) QFA Inc judges.

6.    All exhibits must have claws clipped (front and back).

7.    All exhibits must be brought to the Show in suitable container, not on leashes, or carried in arms.

8.    Age of each exhibit will be calculated to be the actual age on the day of Show.

9.    No kitten under the age of ten (10) weeks is permitted to be shown.

10. All exhibits must be currently vaccinated to enter in a QFA sanctioned show.

11.  Registration  ‘Pending’ WILL NOT be accepted for exhibits over sixteen (16) weeks of age.

12.  Companion exhibits over the age of six (6) months MUST be desexed.

13.  Neuter or Spey (desexed) kittens under the age of nine (9)  months will compete with entire kittens in age classes and for Best in Show Awards.

14.  When benching time is listed on Schedule, exhibits MUST be benched by advertised time.  If exhibitor arrives after stipulated time, and judging has commenced, exhibitor must forfeit being judged in that Ring and wait until the judge has completed the Finals in that particular Ring, before benching their exhibit/s.

15.   No cat is to be entered into Shows, if it has a history of fractious behaviour.  It is the Exhibitors’ Duty of Care not to expose any judge or official to injury by any exhibit.  Judges are not required to restrain or judge any exhibit showing any signs of aggression.

16.   When Schedule states that there will be no vetting at the Show, a Show Committee may reserve the right to refuse entry to/judging of any exhibit it considers NOT IN SHOW CONDITION.

17.   Female cats obviously in kitten or lactating queens without their Litters MUST NOT BE SHOWN.

18.   Unilateral or Bilateral cryptorchids over the age of nine (9) months vasectomized males, or female which have undergone tubal ligation, must not be shown.  Any person who knowingly contravenes this Rule will have their exhibit disqualified and all entry fees forfeited.

19.   All adult cats with the exception of Companions, Gold Double Grand Champions, Platinum, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond Double Grand Champions, compete together for one challenge in the Open Class for each breed/colour, Male-Female-Neuter-Spey.

20.   Gold Double Grand Champions of all colours in each breed/type Group compete together for one certificate in Male-Female-Neuter-Spey.  Platinum, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond Double Grand Champions of each Group (i.e. longhair and shorthair) compete together for one challenge in Male-Female-Neuter-Spey.

21.   ACF Certificates may only be awarded to the Best- Male – Female – Neuter – Spey of each in Group ( Gp1, Gp 2, & Gp 3) if they are placed in the Final “TOP FIVE”.

22.   In the event of a “Withheld Challenge” in an ‘OPEN CLASS’ or first place declined in a ‘Kitten Class’, then no ‘Best in Section’ or ‘Best of Breed’ shall be awarded if that exhibit is the sole entry in its’ Breed/Colour Section.

23.   The judge’s decision as to the quality of the exhibit is final.  The judge is empowered to withhold any award in any class or Special Award if, in the judges’ opinion, the exhibit does not possess sufficient merit.

24.   No exhibit can be removed from the Show or from their designated (by the Show Manager) cage, to another without the consent of the Show Manager.  EXHIBITS CANNOT LEAVE SHOW CAGE UNTIL ALL JUDGING IS FINALISED.

25.   All complaints regarding the Show must be in writing and accompanied by a fee of twenty ($20.00) dollars and in the hands of the Show Manager within seven (7) days of the Show.  Fees are refundable if upheld.  No complaint against the running of the Show will be entertained by QFA Inc unless lodged in accordance with this Rule.

26.   All reasonable care will be taken of exhibits.  QFA Inc, and organizing Clubs’, their Officials and Members accept NO responsibility for any loss or damage to any person, feline or property.

27. An exhibit which is Unable to be Handled (UTH) or is aggressive or causes injury will be disqualified and must be reported to QFA Inc who will notify all other Qld Councils.  Two (2) UTH reports with any council will result in that exhibit being barred from entry to all QFA shows permanently.  In multi ring shows if an exhibit is marked UTH in any ring, it is automatically disqualified from subsequent (following) rings on the same day, so this constitutes one (1) UTH report only.  The judge will place a red card on the exhibit’s cage so that following judges or personnel will not attempt to handle the exhibit.  The other part of the red card will be handed to the exhibitor.

28. A exhibit which acts less aggressively but is not able to be effectively  judged/assessed will be issued with an Unable to be Judged (UTJ) warning and a yellow card will be placed on its cage to warn following judges and personnel of the situation.  An exhibit issued with a yellow card is not automatically disqualified from further rings on the day and these warnings alone will not result in barring from shows. 

29.   Any person/persons, who by their actions or words intimidate any judge or Show Official, are liable to disciplinary action.

30.   Smoking is not permitted inside Show Hall unless an area is specifically set aside for this purpose.

31.   No ribbons, prize cards, certificates etc are to be displayed during judging, or any won at previous shows displayed.

32.   Cages must be kept clean by exhibitors prior to and after judging.  No food or water to be left in cages until judging is completed for the day.

33.   No powder, aerosol sprays or Methylated Spirits are allowed in the vicinity of the cages.  Exhibitors or handlers must not use talcum powder or other like substances on an exhibit while it is caged or in vicinity of other cages.

34.   Judges shall be instructed to disqualify an exhibit upon which there is colouring matter or powder residue.

35.   Tattoos (on desexed exhibits only) or microchips under the skin will not penalize an exhibit.

36.   Litter trays may be left in cages for young kittens during judging.

37.   Litters will automatically receive a double cage at no extra cost.  If the Dam of such Litter is being exhibited, she will be allocated a single cage next to the Litter cage.  She may be placed in with her Litter only after judging or between Rings.

38.   Clubs must nominate a Member of the Executive or Delegate or a judge of QFA Inc to act as QFA Inc Representative at QFA Inc Shows, such representatives to be noted on Show Schedules.

39.   The following Awards MUST be made at QFA Inc Shows in each Group - BEST - RESERVE - THIRD BEST CATS, KITTENS and DESEXED.  RESERVE CHALLENGE winners should also be noted in the event of a protest or other Show Rule anomaly.

40.   Any Judge appointed to judge at QFA Inc. sanctioned shows may not judge an exhibit bred by themselves unless a period of 6 months has lapsed since the exhibit left their residence.

41.   Any judge who is active on the floor of the Show may exhibit in any Section or Ring other than the one in which they are judging.  Judges may act as Stewards at OPEN SHOWS only.  Judges are permitted to bench their own exhibits, but must bench early and leave the cage area immediately.

42.   Exhibition of Experimental Programme and Sub-Register Exhibits / see clause 11page 11.

43.   The entry Form itself must contain an Exhibitors Declaration:  "I hereby declare that the particulars contained herein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and enter exhibit/s at my own risk.  I declare that I am the bonafide Owner or Lessee, and agree to abide by the Rules of QFA Inc under which this Show is conducted.  My exhibit/s have not been in contact with an infectious/contagious disease within thirty (30) days prior to this Show.

44.   Mobile phones must be in "Silent Mode" during judging.

45.   Exhibits cannot be groomed/titivated during judging while the judge is in the Ring (Stewards cleaning after and exhibits' mishap not included in this Rule).  If mishap occurs QFA Inc Show Representative must be informed.

46.Entries to QFA Inc sanctioned shows for exhibits registered with bodies other than ACF and CCCA affiliates must be accompanied by a full copy of the pedigree (minimum 4 generations) which includes details of any outcross breeds used where appropriate.  Entries must be received in sufficient time to allow the registrar to verify that the exhibits pedigree conforms to ACF/CCCA breeding guidelines.

Updated 25 June 2009