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26 February 2019


Microchipping Regulations for Breeders


Notice to all Breeders

Due to existing Regulations by the Queensland State Government regarding Microchipping of all cats and kittens over the age of 12 weeks all breeders sending in registrations must include the Microchip number of both Sire and Dam.


Microchipping for cats and dogs is mandatory in ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC and WA. Microchipping for dogs only is compulsory in TAS. 


Section 14 of the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 requires microchipping of cats and dogs prior to 12 weeks of age unless there is a reasonable excuse (such as a signed veterinary certificate that it would be detrimental to the animal’s health to implant it or it is an exempt dog).

If the microchip number is not included in the Litter registrations the registrations will be processed by the registrars and all breeders are asked to forward the microchip number when it is obtainable so as the Registrars may update the QFA Inc database.

There is a form on the QFA Inc Website in the Breeders Info tab under forms for all breeders to complete and send to registrars once microchip numbers are obtained within a few months for all Cats and Kittens.


A cut-off date will be supplied after further discussion at the next QFA Inc General Meeting in March.


23 November 2016

New QFA Fees effective 1 January 2017

Due to increases in consumables, QFA have increased some of our registration fees slightly, the previous increase was in 2010. The fees affected are those services that are currently $5.00 will from the 1st January 2017 be $6.00. New Fees

New ACF Companion Title

A new award has been introduced by ACF Inc. effective the 1st January 2017. The award will be known as the ACF Companion Award of Honour. This award will be awarded to Best in Show adult exhibits that comply with their registering body's companion rules and where there is a minimum of five (5) adult companions present.

To apply for the ACF Companion Award of Honour, exhibits will require 15 ACF Companion Award Certificates, the application form may be downloaded from the QFA website. The fee for this award is $25.00

20 July 2016

Reminder - Selling Cats & Kittens

QFA Code of Ethics state "It is not recommended that kittens be sold to commercial cat wholesalers, or retail pet dealers and may Not be auctioned, given as a prize or donation for a contest of any kind, or be advertised as a giveaway."

New Rule Part B 3. (i)

QFA Inc. requires its breeders to register exclusively with QFA and no other Australian body.

Amended Show Rule 20

The age by which Companion exhibits must be desexed has been amended. All Companion exhibits over the age of four (4) months must be desexed. Rules and Regulations Part B 7. and Part C 3. have been amended accordingly.

22 June 2016

QFA Approved Point Scoring System -Must be used by clubs that advertise their Supreme Exhibits will be determined by points.


  • Judge must have judged all exhibits in Group
  • Judge must then rank an Overall Top 10 exhibits in Group on a seperate judge's slip that is to be notated NOT TO BE ANNOUNCED
  • To be eligible for Supreme an exhibit must have been awarded at least one Best Exhibit in Group
Best Exhibit ​10
Reserve Exhibit 9
Third 8
Fourth 7
Fifth 6
Sixth 5
Seventh 4
Eighth 3
Ninth 2
Tenth 1


10 Best Exhibit 130 119 117
9 Reserve Exhibit 109 127 130
8 Third 74 111 90
7 Fourth 102 73 98
6 Fifth 131 131 64
5 Sixth 66 79 126
4 Seventh 121 74 69
3 Eighth 85 122 127
2 Ninth 117 130 105
1 Tenth 97 65 67
Exhibit 130 = 21 points
Exhibit 119 = 10 points
Exhibit 117 = 12 points


Updated Show Rule 51 and 52

Rule 51. An Exhibit which is unable to be handled due to aggression and therefore marked Barred for Life (BFL – Barred for Life): deliberate biting or attacking of a judge, steward or any other person.  No further judging or showing of the exhibit will take place.  The steward must immediately report this to the Show Manager and the QFA Inc. Representative who will immediately record this by completing and signing a QFA Inc. BFL Notification Form which the judge and owner/exhibitor must also sign immediately.  One part of the form must then be handed to the owner/exhibitor and the other part must be attached to the QFA Inc. Representative’s Show Report. A red BFL tag will be immediately attached to the exhibit’s cage by show personnel so that no following judge or show personnel will attempt to handle the exhibit.  The exhibit will be banned from showing for life and the owner will also be notified in writing by QFA Inc. following the show and no appeal will be considered.  This is for reasons of insurance as well as the cat’s welfare. QFA Inc. will notify ACF, CCCA and all Queensland councils.

Rule 52. An exhibit which acts less aggressively but is not able to be effectively judged/assessed and therefore marked Unable to be Judged (UTJ – Unable to be Judged) must be immediately reported by the steward to the Show manager who will ensure that a yellow UTJ tag is immediately attached to the exhibit’s cage to warn following judges and show personnel.  An exhibit marked UTJ is not automatically disqualified from further rings and such warnings alone will not result in barring from shows

18 May 2016

2016 Chritmas Party & COTY Awards

The 2016 Christmas party and COTY awards function will be held on Saturday night 3rd December at the Tavernetta Function centre. Further details will be updated later in the year. Mark this date on your calendar.

16 March 2016

Show Secretaries are to ensure that pedigrees submitted with show entries comply with the following show rules:

14. Entries to QFA Inc. sanctioned shows for exhibits registered with any other Australian body other than ACF or CCCA affiliates must be accompanied by a 4 generation pedigree. Entries must be received in sufficient time to allow the registrar to verify that the exhibits pedigree conforms to ACF breeding guidelines.
13a. All Burmese and Tonkinese entries to QFA Inc. sanctioned shows (including kittens under 4 months of age) registered with a body other than QFA must be accompanied by a 4 generation pedigree. Entries must be received in sufficient time to allow the registrar to verify that the exhibits pedigree conforms to ACF breeding guidelines.

26 February 2016

Probationary Stewards & Ring Clerks

Show Secretary's are to sign the probationary ring clerks form and the judge is to sign probationary stewards forms. Show Managers are to ensure that they have spare forms available in addition to all other forms that may be required.

COTY Points at Ekka​

QFA COTY points will continue to be awarded at the Royal Queensland Show "Ekka"

Cats Qld Social Media Policy

Cats Qld have introduced a social media policy effective 2016. You can download a copy of this by clicking on this LINK

Registering a Lease

To register a lease the revised fees are $5.00 plus
Between QFA Breeders                             No extra
Other Qld Council Breeder to QFA Breeder $10.00
Interstate Breeder to QFA Breeder            $20.00

18 November 2015

New Show Rule 2

An exhibit which is withdrawn after entries close. up to and including on show day, must withdraw from all rings.

16 October 2015

New Award - QFA Breeders Award of Merit

This award will be introduced from January 2016 on a twelve month trial basis

The criteria for the award will be:

  1. One award per ring in both Longhair and Shorthair i.e. 6 awards per ring show, not to be awarded in specialty rings. All pedigreed exhibits are eligible to be awarded the certificate whether kitten, entire cat or desexed cat.
  2. Awarded at the end of each judges assignment
  3. Awarded to recognise the breeder of an exhibit
    • which in the judge’s opinion displays outstanding achievement of quality overall OR
    • improvement of quality in a developing or minority breed and is not automatically awarded to a Best in Show winner.
  4. Breeder will receive the Breeders Award of Merit certificate and a sash which will be mailed to the breeder by the QFA Secretary if they are not present at the show and in these cases Show Secretaries are to forward them to the QFA Secretary along with  the exhibits’ names, owners’ contact details and the names of the breeders

Exhibitors Notice – QFA shows

Contrary to the current rumour being circulated QFA does allow exhibitors to provide their own chairs. Due to the fact these are often higher or wider than the chairs provided as a matter of courtesy to fellow exhibitors and members of the public who pay an entry fee we request that these be placed behind the chairs provided by the host club
On behalf of the QFA Council

New & Amended Show Rules

Amended Show Rule 19
All exhibits must be currently vaccinated to enter in a QFA Inc sanctioned show. Every kitten entered into the show or on exhibition must provide with the entry form a copy of its current F3 (or equivalent) vaccination certificate or documentation (first vaccination must have been given at least 14 days prior to the show).  The certificate or documentation must be signed by the person who administered the vaccine and include the vaccine sticker label with date given and the kitten's breed, colour, sex and DOB.
Amended Show Rule 24
Female cats in kitten or lactating queens without their Litters MUST NOT BE SHOWN.
New Show Rule 27
There must not be any objects in the cage that will identify the owner of the exhibit.
New Show Rule 28
Litter Classes at QFA shows are optional and is upto individual clubs.


1 June 2015

New Show Rule 47
Unless the owner is called upon by the judge to do so, exhibitors must not discuss with the judge their exhibit whilst it is being judged on the table

15 April 2015

QFA Judges contracts

QFA standardised Judges contracts have been amended, clubs may request word version by contacting the QFA Secretary.  It should be noted that these forms are guidelines for clubs to use and that they may change details, particularly regarding exclusion periods prior to and after judging appointments.

Amendment Litter Registration

Litter registration form updated to include Non Show and Show selection boxes. Any subsequent requests to change this original request by the breeder must be endorsed by the breeder or no action will be taken on the request.

Amendment Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations para 5(B) inserted “For local, interstate, and overseas transfers “Upon the sale, lease or gift of a cat for breeding/exhibiting, the transfer of ownership section on the original certificate must be lodged with the Registrar WITHIN TWO (2) CALENDAR MONTHS of such disposition

Amendment to Show Rules

New show rule 27 added - There must not be any objects in the cage that will identify the owner of the exhibit

18 February 2015

Show Rule 43
Exhibits may only be handled by  the owner, at the invitation of the judge unless the show has been approved as an owner/handler show. All exhibitors at these shows must record their name and sign the insurance book provided by the club to ensure they are covered under the QFA Voluntary workers insurance policy.
Show Rule 44
An Exhibit which is Unable to be handled (UTH): deliberate biting or attacking of a judge, steward or any other person. No further judging or showing of this cat will take
place. The steward must report this to the show manager or QFA Inc. representative who will record this by completing a QFA UTH Report. The cat will be banned from showing for life. CCCA, ACF and all Queensland councils will be notified of this decision in writing by the QFA Inc. secretary. The owner must be notified in writing and no will be considered. This is for reasons of insurance as well as the cat’s welfare

8 February 2015

An Official ACF Communication:
7th February, 2015

The Australian Cat Federation (Inc.) is pleased to announce the acceptance of the Cat Owners Association of Western Australia Inc. as a provisional member of the Federation.

Contact information for our new member is on the committee page of COAWA web site at


Nell Evans


Australian Cat Federation Inc

PO Box 331, Port Adelaide BC, 5015

Telephone: 08 8449 5880

E-mail Address:

Home page:

3 February 2015

QFA Paperwork Processing

The timeframe for the processing of paperwork should not exceed a maximum of fifteen working days after receipt unless an issue arises that requires more time in which case the breeder will be advised. Should either registrar be away for more than a few days a bulk email will be sent to the relevant breeders with a date to have their paperwork submitted in order for it to be processed before they leave.

16 July 2014

Revised Show Rule 23

23a. Where a QFA Show has no vetting; the show committee reserves the right to remove any exhibit that is NOT IN SHOW CONDITION. Or
23b.  Where a QFA show has vetting any exhibit which is, in the opinion of the veterinarian, unfit for exhibition, will be removed from the hall immediately. If, in the opinion of the veterinarian, it is so desirable, all exhibits from the same cattery shall be banned from attending the show.  THE VETERINARIAN’S DECISION IS FINAL.

19th September 2013

Changes To Show Rules

Rule 2 - The Club reserves the right to refuse any entry.

Rule 11-A photocopy of the certificate of registration and pedigree for each exhibit must accompany the completed entry form. The only exception is for kittens under the age of four (4) months where registration is pending. In this situation the relevant details must be filled in on the entry form.

Rule 13-Entries to QFA Inc. sanctioned shows for exhibits registered with bodies other than ACF or CCCA affiliates must be accompanied by a four (4) generation pedigree. Entries must be received in sufficient time to allow the registrar to verify that the exhibits pedigree conforms to ACF breeding guidelines.

Introduction of Rule 13a-All Burmese and Tonkinese entries to QFA Inc. sanctioned shows (including kittens under four (4) months of age) registered with a body other than QFA must be accompanied by a four (4) generation pedigree. Entries must be received in sufficient time to allow the registrar to verify that the exhibits pedigree conforms to ACF breeding guidelines.

29 August 2013

QFA will now judge all breeds of cat in accordance with the colours/classes as stated in the ACF Standards Book. Previously, Turkish Vans were separated by eye colour as well as coat colour. They will now be separated only by  coat colour. Scottish Fold and Scottish Shorthair/Longhair have been judged in Agouti, Agouti and White, Non- Agouti, Non-Agouti and Non Agouti and White. They will now be judged in individual colours as described in the ACF Standards Book.

Exhibitors sending title upgrades by mail to the registrars or secretary (for ACF Awards) should keep a copy of what is sent as items can be lost in the mail.

19 June 2013

Show Rule 45 has been changed to read 'Any person/persons who, by their actions or words, intimidate any judge, show official, or any other person/persons at or in the vicinity of the show hall are liable to disciplinary action.'

Tonkinese Colours and Patterns have been changed from  Brown Point to Seal Point, Brown Mink to Seal Mink and Solid to Sepia.  All pedigrees to be updated.

In 2015 and 2016 ACF National Shows will be 2 day six ring shows.

17 April 2013

For Stud cats travelling to queens for matings there is a new form on the Breeder's Forms Page of the website.  This is not counted as a transfer.  However if the queens owner has the stud cat on their premises for more than 3 months this will be considered a transfer and this new system is not appropriate.

Best of Breed cage numbers in each ring for each QFA Inc show will now be recorded with the show results on the Show Results Page of the website

20 February 2013

Show Rules have been amended by the inclusion of new rule 42 which reads "Exhibits may only be handled by the owner at the invitation of the judge."

QFA has secured a breeders rate for domestic travel for pets x Brisbane with APAT with both Qantas and Virgin.  APAT is a new Brisbane based pet transport company and further information about them can be found at
To use this company's service you will need to email Greg a copy of your current breeder's card.  All bookings can be done via email and confirmation will be sent to you for you to pass onto the receiver.  The freight docket will be available at the front counter at lodgment and bookings will need to be paid for in advance by the sender.  These rates are to be used for QFA Inc Breeders ONLY.
Email address for QFA breeders only is 
Phone 3200 1732

QFA has joined the Vet Products Direct VIP Program.  What this all means is that when you quote the unique ID it will allow you to receive a flat 5% off ALL purchases with Vet Products Direct.  You will also be able to accrue and redeem loyalty points.  The ID also entitles QFA itself to receive a 5% rebate of all sales processed each quarter.  This rebate will be used for QFA events such as the 2 Day Cat Spectacular. 
A link to their website and the unique ID is QFAVIP
When ordering over the phone please advise the Vet Products Direct nurses you are a breeder/exhibitor with QFA and ask to receive your VIP Program Discount.  If ordering via their website you need to Log into your account, go to account info, enter your club ID in the new category "Club or Organisation Code (Optional) and click Update.

 16 January 2013

Show Rule have been changed to allow for reclassification of kittens on show date. Rules 16 has been amended as follows:

#16a. Adult exhibits over 9 months cannot be reclassified for colour or pattern during a show.

#16b. Kittens only can be reclassified before judging or by the first judge in the ring, but cannot be reclassified again for the duration of that show. This can only be done with the full agreement of the owner. The Show Manager must then be notified to adjust the judging slips in the subsequent rings and also to confirm with the owner that they agree and understand there will be no further changes at this show.

DNA Testing Protocols

QFA protocol for DNA testing of inheritable disorders, blood groups, colour, agouti, points and longhair carriers, breeders can submit their own test to the Lab but must include the microchip number of the cat on the form they submit to the laboratory. Once the result is received back from the Lab, if it is CLEAR, it can be forwarded to the Registrar and added onto the Certificate of Registration and Pedigree. This will only be included on the registration of the cat that was actually tested. It will not carry through to the pedigree of any progeny unless tested.  The new form to complete and attach with your DNA results in on the Breeder's Forms Page. 

21 November 2013

Show Rule 46 Added as follows "No flash cameras to be used within the show hall without the express permission of the Show Manager.

One of the northern QFA Inc COY Awards have been renamed to "Northern QFA Prefix of the Year" in line with the "Metropolitan QFA Prefix of the Year"  This award is for QFA breeders only in the area of the of the award.

Joint Prefix is considered a joint parnership.  Breeders please be informed that if services are withdrawn from a joint prefix, it includes both parties for all prefixes you may hold.  All paperwork is to be signed by either one or both parties, whatever is decided by the holders of the joint prefix.  All our joint prefix holders are to advise QFA Inc if one or both parties are to sign all their paperwork lodged with QFA Inc.

BOB points towards COY will be awarded in Specialty Breed rings however points will not be included for COY points.

20th April 2011
Former Queensland Feline Association Inc life member, Liz Haimes, was  post-humously awarded the title of Judge Emeritus in recognition of her outstanding and dedicated service, as a Judge  for QFA.
Liz joined the Cat Fancy in 1970 and was granted her Chi-Lang Prefix in 1975, breeding many high achieving Burmese under this Prefix for 28 years.  Liz went on to become a QFA Shorthair judge in 1976, and became a Longhair judge in 1991 achieving her All Breed judging Licence.  Liz was also a judge on the national panel of the Australian Cat Federation Inc.
Liz judged many times over in every state of Australia as well as New Zealand and will be fondly remembered but sadly missed by all.
Liz joined the Burmese Cat Society of Qld on 22nd May, 1975 and she was later granted Life Membership of the club for her outstanding service.  The first two Burmese Liz acquired were - Gaelic Bruin Wee Lassy a Brown and Sahkon Blue Babinda a Blue.  Liz also owned Que-Tch-Elteki a Brown Burmese male stud.
Liz was the President of the Gold Coast Cat Club in the early 80's.  Over the 35 years of Liz's membership with the Gold Coast Cat Club she had held every Executive positon and worked very hard in whatever position she held.  Liz was a Life Member of the GCCC an honour bestowed on her for her service above and beyond.  Liz was a delegate to the QFA meetings on behalf of the GCCC for many years.  Liz went on to be the President of QFA Inc for 5 years and after she retired from that position she filled the position of Treasurer for many years.  The Queensland Feline Association Inc granted Life Membership to Liz in 2000 for her outstanding service.
In 1996 Liz went on to breed Burmillas still under her Chi-Lang Prefix and her Burmillas were rarely out of the Top 10 Best in Show.
Barbara LaRocca
President, QFA Inc


23 February 2011

QFA Life Member Terry Dever recently retired from judging after 43 years of service.

The title of “Judge Emeritus” has been awarded to Terry in recognition of his outstanding and dedicated service, as a Judge and Tutor Judge, for QFA. Terry is the honored recipient of the first Judge Emeritus award presented by QFA.

Terry is highly respected by the Executive and Delegates of QFA, not only as a Judge and Tutor Judge, but as the longest serving person within QFA. During Terry’s time with QFA he has attended monthly council meetings as well as having held the position of President for some years he also represented the Judges Association as a Delegate to QFA.  Terry was, up until recently the President of the Burmese Cat Society of Qld and he has also been the Vice President and Delegate on other occasions. Terry was also our Registrar’s (his wife Dorothy’s) able assistant for many years.

I trust that the transition to a retired judge’s role will fill Terry with the personal satisfaction of knowing that he has served QFA with loyalty and dedication beyond expectations and passed on his knowledge, wisdom and love of cats to so many and carried out his role as a true gentleman.

Barbara LaRocca

President QFA Inc.