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The inclusion of Breeders in this Directory does not indicate endorsement or  recommendation by the Queensland Feline Association Inc, however, all of the Breeders listed are registered with Queensland Feline Association Inc who agree to follow our Code of Ethics and Rules and Regulations. A reputable breeder will guarantee a clean, healthy kitten free of any known genetic defect.

Before purchasing a kitten please read the Buying a Kitten section as this will give you an excellent guide for your selection. Whenever possible, visit the cattery in person.

From time to time breeders and other parties refer to the Queensland Feline Association Inc about matters in which it is not appropriate for us to become involved.  Disputes between buyers and sellers of cats are private matters to be determined by the contractual arrangements between the two parties.  We recommend parties who cannot resolve matters personally, contact the Office of Fair Trading for  appropriate advice.  Queensland Feline Association Inc can only consider and advise on matters that clearly fall within its Breeders Code of Ethics.

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