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Northern Division Cat of the Year Point Scores 2013

Last updated 2023-07-25 09:53:50

Group 1Cats NameBreedOwnerPoints 
GROUP 1     
KittensBilwon Pure White CloudExotic ShorthairK Rankine300
CatsWildboy Quill Ateara Of LegacyMaine CoonS Kinniburgh400Qualified
 Rasharnee Lady MyahBirmanB Gallagher367Qualified
 Chariti HoneybunPersianW Slatter341Qualified
DesexedPrince Kairo Of WyecoonMaine CoonR Merrin534Qualified
 Sonshanley ArinaSiberianP Murray321Need 1 BIS
 Franklinpark Of WyecoonMaine CoonR Merrin265Qualified
GROUP 2     
KittensSunti FirenzeSiameseB Peace448Qualified
 Sunti Lady OblioSiameseL Mitchell342Qualified
 Lealjo RicardoSiameseC Chataurd-Jensen266Qualified
CatsBajimbi YukaOrientalD Brown704Qualified
 Sunti Delta DawnSiameseB Peace380Need 1 BIS
 Tuscan Mexican CremeBalineseI Juhas274Need 1 BIS
DesexedTuscan Blushing MoonlightSiameseI Juhas734Qualified
 Tuscan Paparazzi BluesOrientalI Juhas356Qualified
 Tuscan Arabian ImagesOrientalI Juhas304
GROUP 3     
KittensMorrigan Scarlet SunriseBengalJ Derks400Qualified
 Jemville Kabuki ArapahoBurmeseA Wilcox324Qualified
 Allura ForgetmenotSphynxJ Vallack246
CatsIceni Aurora BorealisBengalJ Derks442Qualified
 Monjinda MoufussaBurmeseK Rankine414
 Morrigan Scarlet SunriseBengalJ Derks315Qualified
 Leonix Princess MiraBritish ShorthairK Rankine206Qualified
DesexedMangala Sweet LightSingapuraL Dommebosch556Need 1 BIS
 Mangala Prudy PrudenceSingapuraL Dommebosch382Qualified
 Mangala Peekaboo PippinSingapuraL Dommebosch330Qualified
 Jatekie Blue Che ZephyrBurmeseA Wilcox304Qualified
 FiftyD Firmstone407Qualified
 MarcelJ Vallack221
 Karahaaven Mr Show ShineW Slatter208Need 1 BIS



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