Cat of the Year Point Scores 2021

Last updated 2021-10-14 23:54:38

LonghairCats NameBreedOwnerPoints 
KittensShawtop Justa DashacreamPersianH Jones1002Needs 1 BIS
 Shakandah RomanceBirmanD McLaughlin819Qualified
 Rapscallion MikeyMaine CoonR Johnson610Qualified
 Fidelis The MagistrateMaine CoonD Hall514Needs 1 BIS
 Crownjems BennitoytePersianJ Comrie361Needs 1 BIS
 Fidelis Friend 2 EveryoneMaine CoonR Jeffers Hay321Needs 1 BIS
 Pousspouss VasilinaSiberianL Akkari240Needs 1 BIS
CatsMiakoschka KazzimirSiberianM Mahoney1033Qualified
 Wroxton PhantomRagdollJ & R Clarke989Qualified
 Fidelis BumblebeeMaine CoonT Lamb817Qualified
 Waggy The PatriarchRagdollM Waghorn747Needs 1 BIS
 Fidelis Robinson CrusoeMaine CoonT Lamb504Qualified
 Karahaven Blue BotticelliPersianD & T Morrison494Needs 1 BIS
DesexedShawtop Too HotPersianH Jones2302Qualified
 Softnsweet ChevyRagdollS Shoring1130
 Shakandah Sienna RoseBirmanT Erridge633Needs 1 BIS
 Fidelis MusafeMaine CoonJ Yardley628Qualified
 Fidelis The MagistrateMaine CoonD Hall431Qualified
 Fidelis Fire N IceMaine CoonT Lamb372Needs 1 BIS
KittensRiokay Armanis Diamond EditionBurmeseB La Rocca1214Qualified
 Manis Just PandemoniumSphynxS Henriksen & R McGregor1041Qualified
 Cairocats Andreas SparkleAbyssinianJ Cook459Needs 1 BIS
 Belshagor Dancing with the StarsBurmeseM Thistlewaite395Needs 1 BIS
 Jesseniah DestinyOrientalL McInnes355Needs 1 BIS
CatsBahati When Doves CryBurmilla ShorthairC Dyett1085Qualified
 Bevington Windsor BlueBritish ShorthairC & N Tricarico852Qualified
 Cairocats KetoAbyssinianJ Cook732Qualified
DesexedEnve Hez Zulu GoldBengalR Wellington1609Qualified
 Cairocats Tango in the DarkAbyssinianG & M Clignett1052Qualified
 Bahati Sergeant PepperBurmilla ShorthairD Jeynes700Needs 1 BIS
 Kimara Blu Shimma Kinda SpecialRussianJ & A Christison389Needs 1 BIS
 Elygrad Prince O DiamondsForeign WhiteC Pryke283Needs 1 BIS
 Bahati Imperial JadeBurmilla ShorthairD Marsh278Needs 1 BIS
 Mr FrostyCompanionL Du Vallier & M Auld1248Qualified
 Mr Captain GrowltigerCompanionL Du Vallier & M Auld720Qualified
 PicklesCompanionS Martini664Qualified
 Master Abominable SnowmanCompanionL Du Vallier & M Auld627Needs 1 BIS
 Mr PugsleyCompanionL Du Vallier & M Auld472Qualified
 Men In BlackCompanionS Oakley440Needs 1 BIS
 Sheza Party GirlCompanionR Wellington331Qualified



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