Date: 5/2018

Paperwork for CCCA National Show

Can you please ensure that all registrations and higher status title upgrades that are required for the CCCA National Show are sent to the QFA registrars as soon as possible.  Please mark this work "Required for National" so it can be processed quickly for you.  Please send all Longhair and Companion paperwork to and all Shorthair paperwork to 

Date: 5/2018

QFA Executives

QFA Registrar work is being carried out in two sections - Longhair & Companion and Shorthair.  Longhair & Companion registrar work is being done by Petra Kettle.  Welcome to the QFA Registrar work Petra. Shorthair registrar work is continuing to be done by Cathy Tricarico.  Thank you for looking after this section Cathy.  Nick Tricarico remains as the Acting QFA Secretary.